Rae is a qualified acupuncturist, helping your pets become more mobile and pain free

Animal health and traditional Chinese therapies are Rae’s passions which drove her to gain the necessary qualifications to practice acupuncture and acupressure and to treat animals whether it is through massage or herbal remedies. 

Rae has a Master’s degree in Health Science and specialised in acupuncture at the Bachelor level of her degree.

Animal health is what Rae knows and it is what she is good at. She has been treating animals over the past 20 years.

Rae’s commitment to animal health and wellbeing also drew her to the conclusion that for animals to truly benefit from her treatment she would need to treat them in their own home.

Brandy and Mishka

Brandy and Mishka are regular
patients of Rae.

This takes Rae in her little van to many destinations throughout the Southern Highlands and the greater metropolitan area of Sydney. In special cases and by arrangement Rae will travel further to relieve an animal’s pain.

When Rae is not treating or driving to patients she plays in a band. To find out even more about the benefits of acupuncture contact Rae.

Acupet for Pets

Rae has treated many pets, all over Sydney, in their own home.

Rae mainly treats cats and dogs. However acupuncture is also great for horses and donkeys, birds, reptiles, chickens, guinea pigs and even mice.

So if you have an animal in pain or one that is experiencing behavioural problems, give Rae at Acupet a call.

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