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Polly the Cattle dog’s mountain rescue!

Rae Hennessy - Monday, May 25, 2015

Earlier this month, Polly the cattle dog was walking in the Blue Mountains with her family when she took a tumble… a twenty metre tumble down a cliff. The Blue Mountains police rescue had to be called in to get her up from where she landed. Check out the story and the rescue pics on the police rescue Facebook page.


It truly warms my heart to know we live in a nation where our pets and companion animals can get this sort of help. Big thanks to the police rescue!!

By some lucky dog miracle Polly had not broken any bones and had no internal bleeding but she was struggling to stand and fell over when she tried to walk.

Polly’s owners called me and I went up to give her some acupuncture the next day.

 When I first saw Polly she had some swelling, soreness and was struggling to stand up but was bright, friendly and in remarkably good spirits   for a dog that had recently had such a serious fall.

polly the dog

 She was a fabulous patient from the outset and relaxed well into her first acupuncture treatment beautifully, despite being very sore.  By her second acupuncture treatment she was improving well, her swelling was greatly reduced and she could stand and walk without falling and after our third treatment, I’m am very pleased to say that Polly is walking pretty well and keen to chase the ball, if she can get anybody to throw it. She is still a bit unsteady and the accident may have aggravated some pre-existing spinal arthritis, which may pose an ongoing challenge, but at the current rate of improvement I am envisaging a full enough recovery for her to return to a happily active life.

Will keep you posted!!

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