People as well as pets say nice things about Rae

Because acupuncture is so successful in the maintenance of health and well being in animals, after their ailments pass, many of Rae’s patients remain under her care.

Robyn Herbert owns Feargal, Bridie and Darby who are Border Collies

Darbie Feargal Bridie

I first met Rae at the Pet Expo several years ago, where I took the opportunity to have her treat my active and accident prone Border Collie, Feargal. I could see he was more comfortable straight away. As he ages his need for Rae has grown. She is able to ease the pain of his arthritis and make him think of himself as a puppy again.

At the same time, our canine family has grown and Rae now treats Bridie and Darby for their agility induced injuries as well as their hormonal moments of discomfort. Rae has become essential to the well-being of all the members of our family.

Annette Heffernan owns Bluey who is a Staffy

“When my 6 year old staffy, “Bluey”, suffered a stroke it was Rae that we called.  Bluey had partial paralysis to his rear legs and we were frantic after the vet had suggested amputation of one rear leg.  Five years on; not only did Bluey not have the amputation but with regular treatments he retained his mobility and continues to lead a full life as an important part of our family.

 And Rae began treatment for our other dog.

Throughout the years Rae has maintained a warm and caring attitude towards both her patients as well as their pet parents.”

Bernadette Ross owns Etah, Mindy and Gidget who are Samoyeds


Our Samoyed “Etah” has congenital degenerative joint disease and after years of pain killing and anti-inflammatory medication which was not that successful we began to look for an alternative treatment.  In our search we tried a chiropractor who recommended Rae. 

Rae has been treating “Etah” and then “Mindy” now for two years.  Considering “Etah” is eleven and “Mindy” twelve we cannot describe the relief and joy at seeing these two dogs running in the park each afternoon without the need for any medication. 

Thank you Rae for your warmth and professional guidance as well as your skill with those needles.”

Charlie and his owner made this Fantastic Video to say thank you to Rae

Lorraine and Michael Rook own Rupert who is a Rabbit


“Rae has been treating our Rupert for the past two and a half years. Rupert is our beloved pet and we want only the best for him.

Rupert is now quite elderly and we feel sure that he continues to enjoy his twilight years thanks to Rae. 

Rae’s gentle, friendly and professional manner in the treatment of Rupert is a great comfort to us and we are so grateful to her when we can still laugh at Rupert’s antics after his treatments.”

Jo Jeisman owns Brandy and Mishka who are Keeshounds and Bailey and Buster who are Himalayan cats

Brandy and Cat

My pets have been clients of Rae’s on and off since 2001 when Buster, a male blue point Himalayan, inexplicably stopped jumping and climbing things like the couch and his scratching pole. I called Rae and she began treating Buster. What I observed was that on the day after a treatment, Buster would do something (i.e. jump something) that he had not been able to do for a while. Rae continued treatment until Buster had fully recovered.

Then, in April 2006 Buster was having problems walking, Buster had a hip resection and at that time was diagnosed with Legge Perthe’s syndrome. Legge Perthe’s syndrome is where the blood supply to the hips stops causing the bone to shatter. The vets indicated that the other hip would probably go in 4-6 months thereby requiring further surgery. I called Rae and she began post-operative treatment after which Buster was then given maintenance treatment.

That was over two years ago now and I am very pleased to report that there has been no further problems, nor has there been any further surgery to the other hip. In fact, as I type this on my laptop Buster has just climbed his scratching pole which is next to my desk, and jumped off onto my desk and walked in front of me .

I also have a female Keeshond named Brandy, who in 2006, at 8 years of age, began having seizures.  One of the medications Brandy takes to help control the seizures can cause liver damage. Through diet and acupuncture, we have been supporting the liver while trying to reduce the medication that is causing the damage as well as trying to keep the seizures under control. 

I am very pleased to report that Brandy has recently done a personal best of 71 days seizure free on only ¼ of the medication that she was previously taking.  Her liver panels, while still high, have come down considerably from when she was first diagnosed.

If you are considering acupuncture for your four-legged friend, I strongly recommend Rae.

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