ZIWI Peak Canned Free-Range Chicken Recipe for Dogs

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ZIWI Peak Canned Free-Range Chicken Recipe for Dogs

ZIWI Peak canned free-range chicken recipe for dogs is different from other pet (and human!) foods that use factory farmed, free-run or cage-free chicken. The chicken used in ZIWI foods is raised  even more room to explore. Meaning they are truly free-range and ethically raised with 24-hour access to forage New Zealand’s lush pastures. ZIWI Peak Free-Range Chicken is a delicious recipe that both you and your dog can feel good about.

Peak Nutrition for all Dogs

A dog’s natural diet is rich in moisture and high amounts of whole prey protein. That is why every ZIWI Peak wet dog food recipe features up to 97% meat, including organs, seafood, and bone. ZIWI Peak canned food matches your dog’s biological needs. ZIWI’s canned food is all made to simple wet recipes, featuring 1-2 protein sources. So, it is perfect for all breeds and all stages of life. ZIWI canned food is especially suitable for selective eaters or food-sensitive dogs.

ZIWI premium canned food for dogs comes in a wide variety of recipes, without any high glycaemic ingredients or artificial additives. No artificial preservatives or unwanted binders such as carrageenan, agar, or gums. ZIWI canned foods contain no grains, no potatoes, and no tapioca starch.

Maintaining Joint Health

All ZIWI canned foods contain three percent New Zealand Green mussels which is an excellent natural source of glucosamine, and chondroitin for long-term joint health and mobility.

ZIWI Peak canned free-range chicken recipe for dogs is based on a unique moisture rich recipe featuring free-range chicken, ethically raised according to New Zealand’s strict animal welfare standards, making it a great choice to fuel all of your dog’s great adventures.

All ZIWI foods are highly nutritious so use the ZIWI Feeding Calculator to avoid overfeeding.

Available in 170g or 390g cans.