Acupuncture, chinese herbal remedies and massage for cats, dogs, rabbits, horses and any other pets, in your own home.

Rae offers a mobile animal practice for pets and farm animals; providing acupuncture and associated Chinese therapies to patients in the Southern Highlands and the greater metropolitan area of Sydney.

By the use of various forms of treatment: the application of needles to traditional acupuncture points, acupressure, massage therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition advice and even philosophy, Rae strives to create an environment which enhances the health and wellbeing of her patients.


Etah, aged 11 and with severe arthritus benefits from regular acupuncture

The Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Chinese Therapies and Massage Therapy offered by Rae treats a vast range of animal conditions and ailments.

Rae takes a holistic approach to the treatment of each and every one of her patients. 

This means that, prior to developing a patient specific therapeutic plan, Rae investigates the physical, mental and emotional components of each patient within that patient’s environment.

In many cases Rae will incorporate other Chinese therapies, along with acupuncture, into her treatment plans.

In your own home

Being committed to her patients and to her craft, Rae believes that the best possible outcome for her patients can only be achieved if the animals are treated in their own homes.

Rae's News

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