Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad

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Microwave heatpad. Provides up to 10 hours of long-lasting warmth. Quick and safe. No wires; bite resistant. Perfect travel companion. Ideal for newborn, convalescing and elderly pets.

It isn’t magic, really, just good application of a simple scientific process. The Thermapol™ interior undergoes a physical change of state during the heat cycle. While other conventional products would be getting cooler, Snuggle Safe actually generates extra heat. This process lasts for around 5-6 hours during which time the temperature remains stable at around 52°C (123°F) giving an extended warmth, unmatched by any other non-electric heater.

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I love these heat pads. I use them for all sorts of critters from baby ducks to old dogs. The inner pad is solid and easy to clean. It doesn’t need plugging in, so it is safe for ‘chewers’ and can be safely used outdoors in a kennel or anywhere your pet needs a little extra warmth. —Rae Hennessy, Owner Acupet.

Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad is great for heating pet beds. Up to 10 hours of long-lasting warmth! Your pets will love the warmth of Snuggle Safe Thermapool at home or traveling. Heat in microwave for only 5 minutes (*depending on power of microwave) and then pop it under your pet’s bedding.

  • 6 minutes in 800 watt microwave provides all the heat of a regular hot water bottle for up to 10 hours.
  • Quick and safe
  • No wires
  • Bite Resistant
  • Perfect travel companion
  • Ideal for newborn, convalescing and eldery pets.
  • FREE cover included