Deer Antler Chews for Dogs

$15.99$29.99 inc. GST

Deer Antler Chews for Dogs are a healthy, sustainable choice for strong chewers and dogs that like something robust to work at.

Great source of calcium.

Suitable for pets on low fat diets.  (less than 5%)


Deer Antler Chews for Dogs are a healthy, sustainable way to satisfy a dogs need to chew. Dogs love to chew and whole deer antlers are long lasting, robust choice. They are  loaded with calcium and phosphorus and will help reduce tartar build up on your fur baby’s teeth. That leads to improved dental health and a happier dog.

We recommend whole Deer Antler Chews  for strong chewers.

As with all of our treats and chews, our  Deer antlers are sustainably sourced. They come from antlers that have been  naturally shed by deer.

Our antlers come in three different sizes. We recommend  selecting one that is large enough that your dog won’t swallow it but small enough that they can lift it with ease.

Deer Antler Chews for Dogs, are long lasting, However, how long they last depends on the size of  the antler at the outset and how strong a chewer you have. As well as how often they have access to it. We don’t  recommend dogs are left with any chew unsupervised, due to possible choking hazards.

Please make sure you remove the antler  from your dog’s reach once it is small enough for them to potentially swallow it.